Celf Creator's brand aims to influence others to gain self confidence , incorporate more Celf Luv ~ Self Love & Care , While focusing on our physical and mental well being

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Raw Purple Sea Moss Gel 8 oz

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About Celf Creator's Founder

Greetings Everyone , Welcome to Celf Creators Site . Celf Creators brand is based upon embracing a self- love journey / Lifestyle. A self love journey/lifestyle caters to Believing in yourself, Nourishing your body to life and as well showering yourself with love . My Health became very valuable to me learning more what the benefits are becoming plant based. This includes Non-hybrid and Non-genetically modified fruits/vegetables, nature’s naturally grown roots /leaf’s that can help recover our bodies from built up toxins. And also Staying away from processed foods. The main goal in creating Celf Creators is to have everyone start loving their self to life as well as being yourself's biggest fan .  It all starts with YOU.  We are really looking forward to sharing the journey / lifestyle with everyone. Celf Creators brand is a Natural , Toxin free , Plant Based Brand . Sending out Blessings & Guidance to all.

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Disclaimer : This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As for Celf Creators brand We are here to assist others on their journey who want to reach their Radiant self . The Information provided on this page is not intended to treat , cure , or prevent any diseases . We suggest you consult with your professional health care practitioner before using any products especially if using other medications, pregnant, or nursing. This is for educational purposes.

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