Some of you may be familiar with the saying “You have to love yourself before you can love someone else”. I am here to tell you that I could not agree more!

Self love comes in a multiplicity of forms. Not only is my brand focused on both physical and mental health, we are also geared towards all manifestations of Celf love.

I believe once we start creating love within our self, we become wiser and more inclined to healthier choices. By simply performing the action of waking-up and affirming our greatness or even making a meal for yourself, you are performing an act of Self love.

I wanted to create a platform where I could express myself and share my journey with others. I want you to always encourage yourself to be your best, even on your worst days. I hope to inspire people to start genuinely loving them selves.

Below,I’ll be sharing my Top 5 Tips (that I have personally used throughout my journey)!


#1 Create A Gratitude Journal

This is where you are going to keep track of your accomplishments your moments of joy as well as mishaps in your journey.

Personally,a gratitude journal is a book, diary, thought process tracker and frankly,  by any name you choose to give it.  Whatever you need to do in your journal to keep you feeling grounded is what this book is for.  I find it crucial to be able to express your thoughts in order to live a fulfilling life. We sometimes may feel as if no one is there to listen or understand us. Maybe we don’t even understand our own thoughts clearly . This is where your journal comes in .

Begin by asking yourself how you are feeling. Regardless of if you’re feeling peaceful, down, uplifted, powerful, happy, scared, sad, etc.; we are human!Allow yourself to feel all your feelings. Express yourself, but don’t be little yourself.

Then,write down one thing you love about yourself. Why do you love it? How does it make you feel when someone recognizes it/ your power?

My gratitude journal saved me from constantly trying to suppress my emotions. When we suppress our emotions, we usually keep it bottled up until it explodes. You don’t want to explode on anyone or even on yourself. It is so important to learn to listen to your body, especially when you aren’t feeling the best.

I usually ask myself what’s wrong? How can I uplift my energy? Take responsibility, be accountable to yourself and come up with solutions

I’ve kept a gratitude journal consistently for a year now, but I have been expressing myself through writing and art since middle school. There once was a time where I wrote paragraphs upon paragraphs of notes on how I felt, often about being alone. As humans, we carry a lot of thoughts, emotions, reactions,aches, etc. without even realizing it.

It’s usually easy to give motivation and advice to your best friend when they need some encouragement. Why can’t we put that same type of energy into ourselves. No one will be a bigger fan of you than yourself.

Constantly encourage, push and cheer yourself on! You can conquer anything you put your mind to! It all starts with believing in yourself.  

*** For your gratitude journal section here is a good website to add as a hyperlink on your blog. It links to research showing the positive effects of gratitude journals

#2 Cooking A Meal for Yourself

Do you know that feeling when you come home to see your mom, partner, etc. making one of your favorite dishes? How the aromas just pull you in and create joy?

Why not re-create those feelings and cook your favorite meal ?

You don’t have to go all out and make a 5-course meal. Choose something simple that you love and know how to create. If you aren’t the best cook, go ahead and lookup a recipe you would like to recreate, watch a tutorial on YouTube or Food Network.

As some of you may know, I am a plant-based electric cook. This essentially means that I consume ONLY plants that have Alkalizing Benefits. I have also been my mommy’s assistant in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. Once I was able to cook for myself, I didn’t allow much to get in my way.  

One of my favorite meals to make pre-plant-based lifestyle was shrimp or chicken Alfredo. Every Saturday I would treat myself to a big pot and share with family. Being plant based for almost 3 years, my favorite meal is still pasta and now I even make pasta from scratch. I also enjoy recreating my west Indian cultural dishes .

If anyone is curious to see a few recipe blog posts, feel free to leave comments!Tell me what you’d like to see or try.


This is a West Indian plant based dish .

Roasted Raw Coconut from my homeland Guyana

Sauteed Callaloo, Peppers & Onions

Seasoned Quinoa

#3 Trying Yoga

Although I am not a certified yoga instructor, I do enjoy any opportunity to share my yoga journey. First and foremost, I would like to share how much yoga has positively impacted my life over the past 4 years. I’ve gained plenty of clarity,flow to express my energy, boosted my spirit, and even got rid of my backaches. Most importantly, I have found stillness in a world of chaos. Even if the chaos I experience is social, mental, spiritual, emotional, or environmental, I am present as I can be when I spread my mat!

The key for me during my sessions is remembering to BREATHE. I also practice breathing and stretching, for body mind harmony. The goal is to create a free flow that helps you feel balanced. Yoga isn’t learning handstands or mastering your flexibility overnight. It is having patience with your Celf, mind and body.There are so many positive mental & physical benefits to breathing, meditation and self-awareness.

Yoga is a great way to simply allow your body to stretch in a calm motion. Yoga is known to decrease stress levels, improve posture, increase muscle strength and so much more.

YO•GA~ 🕉 A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation. This definition from Google that resonated with me.

#4 Breathing & Mediating

I want you to take a deep breath right now before reading further. One big deep breath in through the nose, until your belly is full of air like a balloon. Hold for 3 seconds and release slowly through your nose . How does that feel? I hope it helped you release during those few seconds.

A lot of us are unaware the phenomenal benefits breathing can have for our health. By taking deep breaths consistently, you will be able to relieve stress from your body. When we take these deep breaths or practice breathing exercises,we allow our self to be present. Breathing is known for assisting with your immunity by allowing oxygen to flow through blood . Taking deep breaths is also known to lower the blood pressure due to relaxation of muscles and decrease in heart rate that results in a decrease in blood pressure.

Meditating can also be incorporated into your breathing exercises. No, meditation doesn’t mean you have to sit cross-legged for hours, it really just means ‘close your eyes for a few moments, focus on your breathing, and listen to your heart’. Take time to go to a place that makes you happy, think about your favorite food and how it is made or a great day you spent with someone you love.

This is all about creating a safe space for yourself. You have to be able to feel safe within self, because if you don’t feel safe within your own self, you won’t feel protected or safe out in the world. Taking time to really focus on your mental health is a necessity. Taking a break, even if it’s just for five minutes to breathe or meditate, can really help to add strength or extra you need. Breathing along with meditating can help one feel aligned to go out and try again, to keep pushing and to feel deserving of a little break. Breathing along with meditating has been my outlet to peace. Anytime I fall into a funk needing some clarity or I just want to get rid of some heavy energy, I do breathe exercises, yoga and meditation .

#5 Be Open to Change

What does it mean to be “open minded”? To me, open mindedness is the ability to accept offers of various forms, and not allowing fear to hold you back.

Have you ever wanted to apply to a job, but didn’t think you were qualified enough?

Be open to change. Yes, human nature causes us to seek to be comfortable in any situation. However, sometimes our comfort zones can limit us from greater opportunities. The more you are able to accept change as a positive thing, the more life will work out in your favor.

Be open minded! Send that application in, knowing you put out your best you. Try to recreate an old family recipe. Order a healthy meal. Do something you haven’t done in a long time. Paint. Dance. Brighten up your life. You won’t know until you try. You are capable of more than you know. Give your self that push to Do More. Add some spice in to your life by simply trying something new today . We all like to be comfortable in any situation we encounter, yet the comfort zones may limit our mind capabilities. Comfort zone may limit your mind capabilities for wherever you feel comfortable that is where you want to turn to.Sometimes fear also hold us back, not knowing how a certain situation will play out. I get it, I really do. You have to be uncomfortable to get comfortable.When you start a new job, hobby, or life, Change may seem mind blowing But I promise you will never know what you missed out on till you go out and do It. Go ahead and push your self to grow . With growth you become so much more knowledgeable with your self . Take it step by step , just make sure you are evolving in your journey .


Blessings& Guidance to all. Thank you reading this blog, if you would like to see more please Like, Comment Topics, & Stay tuned for more ~CC