Getting To Know The Founder Of Celf Creators

Greetings everyone!

My name is Christine, Im the Owner / Founder of CELF CREATORS. Celf Creators is a brand that aims to bring awareness to the significance of mental and physical well-being. We also focus on Empowering others thru self love . We're firm believers with self love we gain more confidence .

First off Where does the name Celf Creators come from ? Both my birth parents and my self have the letter C in our names , I wanted a name to represent us . I decided to replace the S in Self with Celf . Creators come from understanding how powerful our minds are . Celf Creators ALSO means we are able and capable of doing anything . We ourselves are Creators . You can manifest so many beautiful things just believing in your Celf . Celf Creators was created for me to share my journey along with others and Fulfilling my humanitarian duty's .

I first realized how extremely valuable my health was when I started learning about the benefits of eating plant-based. In August 2017, I became pescatarian. This meant that I only consumed seafood and plant-based items. Immediately, I noticed a huge difference; especially with how light my body felt.

Three months (after gaining even more knowledge), I committed to a full-on plant-based diet.

Fast forward to 2019 and I’ve completely embodied an Alkaline Electric lifestyle (which does have a few restrictions, but what doesn’t?).

An alkaline electric lifestyle is essentially based on understanding the body’s PH balance. The degree to which the body is acidic or alkaline is extremely important. This lifestyle includes eating Non-hybrid & Non-genetically modified fruits & vegetables, utilizing naturally grown roots & leaves that help our bodies recover from built up toxins and staying away from processed foods.

Among numerous benefits associated with this lifestyle; adopting an Alkaline Electric diet will facilitate the production of essential natural minerals & vitamins and boost energy (without any harmful effects).

Story Time!

When I was consuming a plant-based diet, I still seemed to develop spots on my face that were extremely dry, discolored and inflamed. It was more than just eczema. My skin seemed to get worse, so I decided to get more opinions on what was happening. I went to at least 3 dermatologist and even an allergist! The dermatologist prescribed ointments that seemed to help my skin, but it was only temporary relief from the itchiness. It would start flaring up beyond my control.  

I started paying more attention to the ingredients in the ointments. As I was reading all the prescribed ointments, I noticed they all had steroids along with other harmful chemicals inside. These steroids and chemicals caused my skin to be very dependent and irritated. After 3 - 6 months of this with no significant change, I started to do intense research on what triggers and causes these skin conditions.

I read that eating wheat flour, yeast, starch, and processed foods were some of the main causes of skin conditions. Eventually, I took an allergy test to find out if there was anything that I would have a reaction to. Turns out, I was allergic to several things, such as wheat and yeast (which I already knew). I became fed up and went on a journey to find natural herbs and remedies to help my skin.

Within that same month, I happened to stumble upon a book my grandfather had , called ‘’ Back to Eden ‘’ by Jethro Kloss. This book provides solid information on how natural herbs can help our bodies if we learn to use them properly. As I was doing more research and looking into the Alkaline Electric diet; I started seeing information on how starch, yeast, processed foods and GMO’S actually cause harm to our bodies.

As some may know Dr. Sebi followed an African bio mineral diet incorporating Alkaline electric foods to help recover the body. He spoke about the ways fasting can help the body, effects of building up waste, benefits on sea moss, and more.

I was introduced to this lifestyle thru reading and doing excessive research gaining more knowledge on his teachings , as well as incorporating them into my life. I started taking the recommended herbs to help with my skin conditions, learned how to fast with solely raw fruits, ingested plenty of sea moss (which is vital for mineral deficiency) and re-learned how to make healthier food choices. Some of the main herbs I took to detox my body was Yellow dock, Burdock, Chaparral, Damiana and Red Clover .

If anyone wants more info on the benefits of sea moss you can check out my product page as listed here. The Raw Purple Sea Moss has helped me so much! Within 2-3 weeks I was amazed at how clear, clean, and smooth my skin was. The discoloration was starting to disappear, my body felt light as a feather, I experienced a powerful boost of energy and I was enjoying being confident..

After almost 1-3 months i started seeing a noticeable change in my skin . My skin tone started to even our to its normal color , My face was no longer dry and Overall my skin started glowing . I was being very consistent when it came to getting rid of the built-up toxins.

We actually carry plenty of toxins in our bodies and rarely even notice it. Have you ever heard the saying ‘’ You are what you eat ‘’? What you consume ends up showing itself in the physical aspects of your life too. Examples include plenty of fat (which is really just waste), various health issues (especially with the digestive system), continuing to feed disease without knowing, and lack of energy, etc. I have learned to nourish my mind, body and spirit.  

I’m Loving my journey , as well as being thankful.

The purpose for sharing this info is not to tell you to transform your lifestyle over night or right away, but to bring awareness to what we are doing to our bodies on a daily basis.

When I learned to love myself, I wanted to make healthier choices on both mental and physical fronts.  This is your journey and you start how YOU want to. Just make sure you’re evolving to a greater you and live up to your own expectations.

Keep moving forward!

My goal is for everyone to start loving their self and life!

My inspiration comes from my Mom’s west Indian dishes, as well as understanding my family’s history of health issues.

I love my homeland and my mom’s cooking. I wasn’t going to let the ingredients stop me from enjoying my culture and home cooked west Indian meals. I knew I could make everything she made into a healthier, plant-based version with the same flavors.

That has been the birth of my creation. I put all the techniques and skills she taught me (without knowing) into my recipes. Most importantly, my mom now tests all of my west Indian dishes for authenticity and if she doesn’t approve; I am back to my healing laboratory.

I’m very proud of myself for staying committed and recreating my favorite meals so my body won’t have to react to any harmful ingredient’s.

I will be dropping an ELECTRIC West Indian  E-Book very soon!

Stay tuned for all of my new upcoming product launches. I am really looking forward to sharing my journey and lifestyle with everyone -An Eco-friendly, NON toxic, Plant based , holistic brand).

Blessings & Guidance to all!