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Back to ‘DI ROOTS’ blend was made in mind to cleanse your body while still giving you a boost in ENERGY. The south America region is known for using bitter herbs with barks, roots, leaf’s, stem’s, etc to create natural remedies to heal themselves. All 3 of these herbs combined to flush your blood , digestive system plus much more . This an healthy alternative to coffee . Taste : Strong coffee like taste , Earthy Roots .

   ·      Sarsaparilla contains vitamins A,B-complex, C and D, and minerals iron, manganese, sodium, silicon, sulfur,copper, Zinc, and iodine

·      Cleanses the blood and removes toxins

·      Packed with iron

·      Flushes the colon

·      Helps the digestive system

·      Help treat skin conditions

·      Antioxidants

·      Removes bacteria

·        Improves blood flow

  • All supplies can last double times the amount by reusing each tea bag 2-3 times . You can either choose to compost your tea bags with herb or blend herbs in smoothies . All tea bags are biodegradable and eco friendly #Minalism

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