Calm Set-Tings

$ 20.00 USD
Calm Set-Tings (INFO) Damiana is a light and pleasant herb with so many relaxing benefits. Damiana comes in with its relaxing vibrations relieving stress, anxiety and fatigue. Damiana is considered as aphrodisiac which can help with woman and man sexual health as well as providing a boost of energy. As well as elderflower being helpful for headaches caused by mucus (cold). Elderflower’s help eliminate bacteria as well as protecting the kidney and liver. With this blend you’re helping the blood to flow thru your body and an increase flow in urine. Damiana also assists with balancing the hormones.

·      Increases the blood flow

·       Balance the hormones

·      Damiana can increase the female and male Sexual health as it is considered as aphrodisiac

·      The elder flower is found useful to increase the flow of the urine  

·      It is useful for headaches due to cold.

·      Can be used for the kidney and liver.

·      Help with inflammation which can help the body to eliminate bacteria

·      Has anti-depressant properties that help with anxiety and relieve stress



All herbs are packaged in a Eco-friendly & biodegradable tea bag made out of hemp + Stored in a glass jar for optimum freshness .

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