Cleanse Out

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‘’ Cleanse out ‘’ (INFO) Red Clover & Chaparral are too potent flowers that really help rid the body of built toxins. These herbs have an antiviral and antibacterial property aiming to cleanse the blood. Chaparral combined with red clover can help women with menopause, cramps, PMS, while aiding pain and inflammation. Chaparral acts as a liver cleanser while Red clover aids to indigestion. Chaparral is also known to rid the body of heavy metal from drinking contaminated water.

·      Some women have used red clover for symptoms ofmenopause also PMS(Pre-menstrual syndrome ),

·      Red Clover can also aid in different skinconditions as in Eczema, Psoriasis, burns, skin sore.

·      It can also be aid to indigestion

·      It’s considered in cleansing the blood,

·      Aids pain and inflammation,

·      Can help with digestive problems,

·      Acts as a liver cleanser

·      Antibacterial

·      Antiviral properties

·      Help with joint pain

All herbs are packaged in a Eco-friendly & biodegradable tea bag made out of hemp + Stored in a glass jar for optimum freshness .

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