Private Chef Work

$ 260.00 USD
Christine who is also known as Chef GC is a Private chef & Personal cook based out in Queens NYC. A culinary artist in her element creating plant based cuisine to nourish & nurture the body electrically . Not only does she cater to recreating the soul of West Indian delicacies but as well as redefining plant based cuisine for everyone . Her kitchen has a deep value for self Expression as well as paying attention to every Significant detail. Her brand Called Celf Creators focus’ on incorporating health and wellness into a Lifestyle . Striving for alignment within ones mind , body and health to understand how to love your self. Our core value is self love and empowerment. Free in the mind, strong in the body .

Options listed are

A 3 Course in house dining experience with Chef GC & A 5 course dining experience . A 3 course dining experience is charged $100 by person as well as including a $60 non-refundable fee that will be included in your total fee . Any dining experience with 6 guest and more it will be charged $45 per person .

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