Wild Crafted Elderberries

$ 25.00 USD
Elderberries is so beneficial for our immune system especially when the cold weather comes around . So many different ways you can use elderberries. You can enjoy a cup of elderberry tea or whip up some elderberry syrup which Is great alterative for all ages to clear up any mucus or cold . This is one herb you should always have in stock for all situations.

·      Boost your immune system

·      Helpful for Colds, Mucus & Fevers

·      Full of antioxidants

·       Improve heart & Digestive health

·      Aid to sinus infections

·      Natural diuretic / Laxative

·      Aids in respiratory system


  • All supplies can last double times the amount by reusing each tea bag 2-3 times . You can either choose to compost your tea bags with herb or blend herbs in smoothies . All tea bags are biodegradable and eco friendly #Minalism

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